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Reasons to Believe that 2017 Will Be an Excellent Year for Gold

We will never run out of optimists when it comes to gold. Even during its darkest hour, the golden metal had a strong fanbase, always looking to raise the hype and convert non-believers into investors. 2016 was simply amazing for gold buyers and investors, opening the door to new opportunities and record-breaking numbers. But after the surprising

Gold Loses Ground During Friday’s Session, but still looking great going forward.

The gold rally that is making a lot of traders happy is now getting weaker. Friday’s trading session closed with losses for all metals, including gold. While the loss for gold isn’t that substantial and severe, for investors could be disappointed and worrying about it. In recent days, China’s industrial reports and the FED’s low

The Golden Dilemma

As gold continues its tumble in the wake of the dollar’s rise, whilst most are frowning upon the situation some are taking positive steps to better their average positioning as gold is at almost its average cost of production per ounce. The mixed feelings surrounding the yellow precious metals is justified, however some are over

A Beginners Guide towards Investing in Gold

Unlike a decade ago, most people these days have realised that gold is without a shred of doubt one of the most effective ways through which investors are able to diversify their . Gold is definitely rare and the fact is that the value of the shiny yellow metal does not always move parallel to

All about Gold certificates

Gold certificates are basically pieces of paper that states that a particular individual owns a certain amount of gold in a certain particular institution. For example The Perth Mint Certificate Programme allows an individual to own investment grade gold that is stored within the vaults of the Perth Mint and that certificate is backed by the Australian

Increasing current principles with Gold

Before you even try to buy gold bars and get into Gold and Silver Trading, it is awesome to understand the fundamental variables that turn around the significant metal markets. Firstly and specifically, you have to ask yourself, why are you buying the gold bar? In case you answer is ‘to offer it when the expense

Why Would You Invest In Gold?

There are lots of reasons why investing in gold has become a great and lucrative choice, and you will like to consider integrating this commodity into your portfolio. Gold has been in demand for centuries, in fact, it is still a commodity is assessed at an extremely high value. It is usually used in jewellery, electronic

Frequently Asked Questions by first time precious metal buyers

For first time precious metal buyers, a lot of doubts about the metals and the prices will arise. Spot pricing is one of the main concerns, but there are a lot of other questions that they will come across. Here are the most frequently asked questions by first time precious metal buyers. What are the