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Germany, World War II And The Role Of Gold

Countries engaged in wars need money to finance their operations. During world war I and II the country with the best artillery and manpower had the upper hand. During those wars, gold was a valued monetary asset and if you had the gold you had the power to do almost anything. There are a lot

What Crude Oil Says About Gold Prices

Crude oil has gone through a slump. What does that mean for the price of gold? Brent crude oil sank from $79 last month to $56 per barrel. Forecasts for oil demand showed a reduction in supply. The IMF cut their forecasts for the global GDP. The other player is the US economic growth, which

Why you should buy your gold from an online dealer

High street gold brokers have not entirely vanished, but there are still reputable brick and mortar gold dealers that operate in most cities. A lot of gold buyers aren’t so high brow, they tend to operate from temporary kiosks or from premises that look a little dubious. Gold buying like most things, has moved online.

Silver Demand Expected to Rise in 2018 

Silver is increasingly being used in the latest technological and industrial applications. In 2018, this trend makes the demand for silver higher than it’s ever been. With demand outstripping supply, the price of silver can go higher. According to The Silver Institute’s analysis: this demand for silver in industrial application has grown by 60% compared

Perth Mint increases gold export to China by $11 billion.

China is amongst the world’s biggest producers of gold, however it doesn’t seem like they are producing enough gold to satisfy the Chinese’s’ hunger for the yellow metal. One of the biggest exporters of gold to China is Australia. The country has seen a surge in the export of gold to China in the past

Reasons to Believe that 2017 Will Be an Excellent Year for Gold

We will never run out of optimists when it comes to gold. Even during its darkest hour, the golden metal had a strong fanbase, always looking to raise the hype and convert non-believers into investors. 2016 was simply amazing for gold buyers and investors, opening the door to new opportunities and record-breaking numbers. But after the surprising